Dumb People doing Stupid Stuff

watch Dumb People Stuid Stuff Funny videos cool tricks. do you like airplane landings? boing 747 commerical sirliners or funny dogs talking how about cats and cute children or funny video or car accidents and plane crashes or funny animals. maybe croswind landings or Pranks gone wrong or police videos and police chases. Better yet how about robberys caught on tape. Police butality caught on tape, cool pets and more
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Original Real life edit of ( Dumb Ways to Die ) Original video. Real people doing dumb things.Links to All Videos Below. Please Share !! After I heard the original ( Dumb Way to Die ) Song and Video I knew I would be able to find the perfect clips on YouTube and I was right it took me roughly half an hour to make this video These are some Clips of Win Fail videos I collected off of YouTube Warning don’t try any of what you are about to see at home.. Some of these video are fun and others are close to being graphic. Link to Original video ( www.youtube.com ) Guy sets his hair on Fire ( www.youtube.com ) Karate Grizzly ( www.youtube.com m ) Popping Pills ( www.youtube.com ) Attacked By Mutated Fish ( www.youtube.com ) Fork In Toaster ( www.youtube.com ) Electric Shock ( www.youtube.com ) Plane Crashes Into SUV ( www.youtube.com ) Pie Eating ( www.youtube.com ) Charles Mansons Epic Answer ( www.youtube.com ) Space Helmet ( www.youtube.com ) Most expensive Car Crash ( www.youtube.com ) Dryer Tumble ( www.youtube.com ) Snake Bite ( www.youtube.com ) Boy eats Glue ( www.youtube.com ) Nuclear Explosion ( www.youtube.com ) Moose Shuffle ( www.youtube.com ) Disturbing Wasp Hive ( www.youtube.com ) Man Some How Not Hit By Train ( www.youtube.com ) Car Hit By Train ( www.youtube.com ) Women Gets Hit By Train ( www.youtube.com )
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dumb People doing Stupid Stuff

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